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External Referrals

This document is meant to provide terms and conditions for our external Refer to EPAM program. A referral reward payment will be made to non-EPAM employees for successful referrals, which means the referral meets the Eligibility Guidelines below and the candidate is hired by EPAM.

By submitting a referral to EPAM, you are committing that you have the referred individual's consent to share their information with EPAM.

Eligibility guidelines 

The referrer is ineligible for a reward payment if:

By accepting a referral reward payment, you confirm you are unaware of any reason you would not be eligible under these guidelines.​

Referral reward amount

Referral Reward amount is available at https://anywhere-referral.epam.com/bonus/scheme and equals to the amount displayed at the time of submission of a referral.

Terms and Conditions

If a referring individual is or becomes a candidate for employment at EPAM, any referral made through the External Referrals Program that is hired only after the referring individual begins employment will convert to an internal referral and be governed by EPAM's Employee Referral Program.

NOTE: EPAM Talent Acquisition Leadership has the right to determine eligibility and payments of all referrals in question.